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15. Januar - 13. März 2011

Benjamin Laurent Aman - The Baltic Room


"I started to think about The Baltic Room on a ferry boat, on october 21st, 2010, 11h45,
somewhere between Rostock and Spodsbjerg in the middle of the Baltic.

The Baltic Room is the name of one of the rooms where you can sit have bad chips
and tasteless coffee during your trip. The mixed smell of fish and chips, toilet detergent
and fresh carpet makes you feel nauseous for a while and then after half an hour and two
coffees your brain start to follow the pitching of the boat while you're thinking. The only
way to see outside is through a tiny blurred double glass portholes filled by condensation.
The warmth of the conditioned air and the regular pitching makes everything around you
floating and creaking, wine bottles are shaking in the self-service, people carrying their
food tray seems to be walking at half-speed, you almost feel like a cherry at the bottom of
a cocktail.
A minute seems to be an hour. You're thinking half-speed. Now, you are almost the captain."