dyxphori centers around the theme of gender dysphoria from childhood to midlife, alongside music, cinema and camp culture cherished as a secret loophole; a vivid opportunity and primordial mainstay which provides footholds and perspectives in overcoming hostility; serving as a situated, safe and secure ground in order to survive. Comprised of 13 sculptural works thought to be visual songs, dyxphori was created and photographed in a location chosen for its specific qualities, from dark night till dawn.

All works produced by Jin, exclusively for Kunstraum Barthel, 2023.
Courtesy:  the artist and Kunstraum Barthel.

Assistant:  Jeremy Rodrigues
Photography:  Jin, Jeremy Rodrigues, Valentin Ducret
Post-processing:  Jin, Jeremy Rodrigues and Loù Muriel

This body of work has been produced during a residency at MJC 3 Maisons in November and December 2022. Many thanks to Audrey Rolin and the luminous team. Very special thanks to Michael, Jeremy, Valentin, Loù, Claire, Sylvie, Sovann, Yoan, Alyssa, Mégane, Marion and Benjamin, Britta, Ben, Duncan, Lilian and Aiyana, Romain, Sophie and Cyrille, Dan and Karen, Lucile, Nacho.

To all nonbinary and transgender people, wherever they are. To Mirza-Hélène. And to one particular child.

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